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St. Peters Chiropractor Dr. Stephanie Murphy

Training and Techniques

Dr. Stephanie Murphy

Dr. Stephanie Murphy

Dr. Stephanie Murphy attended Logan University where she obtained her Bachelors in Life Science degree and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. While at Logan University, she received her acupuncture certification and completed a post-graduate course in Chiropractic Pediatrics, of which she is most passionate. Additionally, Dr. Murphy completed over 300 hours of training with Dr. Schoenherr prior to graduation and continues to work at Schoenherr Chiropractic.

Dr. Murphy has always had a passion for treating pregnant women and children and had the opportunity to work with both throughout her clinical experiences in school and her time with Dr. Schoenherr. She is also trained in COX flexion/distraction, Thompson, SOT, Diversified and Logan Basic. Dr. Murphy is a member of the Missouri State Chiropractic Association.

About Dr. Murphy

Dr. Murphy was born and raised in Pacific, Missouri. Her passion for chiropractic care began in sixth grade when, after a year of suffering, there was no resolution for her severe ankle pain. She was told she needed “exploratory” surgery when her parents decided to try chiropractic. After just a single adjustment, she was completely pain free!

It did not take long for her to decide that she wanted to help others, especially children, in the way she was helped by becoming a chiropractor. Chiropractic became a way of life for Dr. Murphy and her family, and she went on to study all the benefits chiropractic has to offer.

Dr. Murphy believes the body can heal itself when given the opportunity, and chiropractic is the key to a long, healthy, fully functioning life. She is devoted to sharing how your entire family can benefit from chiropractic care and is devoted to providing the best care possible.

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